Roofing and Branch Removal Project

Roofing and Branch Removal Project Getting Started: Removing the Branches Are you putting a new composition shingle roof on your house? This man was! However, he also had branches too close to the roof, which made the job a bit more tricky. I got there and grabbed the branches as he

Roofing and Branch Removal Project2024-04-15T15:25:18+00:00

Old Safe Removal in McMinnville

Old Safe Removal in McMinnville Clearing An Old Safe Out of the Basement I was asked to get an old safe out of the McMinnville Chamber building basement. Fortunately, since it had wheels on it, I custom-made a ramp to roll it up the half flight of stairs. I got pull

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Removing Old Farm Implements

Removing Old Farm Implements Clearing Property With Ease Do you have those old farm implements in the berries and brush? I can help with that! It was easy for me to set up, reach it, and grab this tractor engine with a water pump hook to the transmission on a trailer.

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Moving Large Yard Art

Moving Large Yard Art Tackling Any Job With Ease Do you have wooden, stone, or metal artwork that needs to be moved? I have moved several of each type of artwork in different locations, from city to country settings. Need Help

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Removing a Hot Tub Made Easy

Removing a Hot Tub Made Easy Have a Hot Tub in Your Yard? A customer called me to remove an old hot tub. I ask the customer to disconnect the water and power supply before I get there. This hot tub was just on the other side of a 4-foot-high cyclone

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Approaching Heavy Lifts Gently

Approaching Heavy Lifts Gently Can I Lift That Without Breaking It? Many people think that when you use a machine you cannot be gentle. As seen in the photo, I picked up an old cast iron stove, 3 times, and never broke any glass or fractured the cast iron. I have

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