Boulder Removal and Reuse!

Hauling a boulder is no easy task! It’s better to find good use for these natural materials (they are great for natural lawn decor) instead of just removing them. It’s important to find a new home for these natural beauties – but moving them to their new home requires heavy lifting and advanced equipment – that’s where my hauler comes into play!

I picked this boulder up from Valley Landscape and delivered it to its new home. Valley Landscape would have left it on the sidewalk on a pallet! I had to turn it on its edge!

My claw picking up a large boulder off of a truck
Using claw to place boulder on side

Boulders Can Be Reused!

Like this situation above, boulders and other natural materials can be reused and repurposed for many things! If you need help hauling, lifting, or disposing of these kinds of materials, let’s get in touch!

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