Removing a Hot Tub Made Easy

Have a Hot Tub in Your Yard?

A customer called me to remove an old hot tub. I ask the customer to disconnect the water and power supply before I get there. This hot tub was just on the other side of a 4-foot-high cyclone fence in front of the driveway.  It was going to the dump, which allowed me to use my grapple to pick it up. I drove straight in. My front bumper was close to the fence, so I put my outriggers down, used my knuckle boom to reach in front of my truck (reaching over the fence), grabbed one side of the hot tub, picked it up, and placed it on the bed on my truck. 20 minutes later and I was done! Quick and efficient!

So, you have a hot tub in your backyard that someone else wants? I have a skateboard for hot tubs, and using plywood to roll on the lawns, I’m able to get it close to the fence and place the straps to pick it up. That way you do not have to turn it off the edge to get it through the gate and take a chance of it falling over hurting someone.

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