Old Safe Removal in McMinnville

Clearing An Old Safe Out of the Basement

I was asked to get an old safe out of the McMinnville Chamber building basement. Fortunately, since it had wheels on it, I custom-made a ramp to roll it up the half flight of stairs. I got pull straps around it, started my truck, extended the boom out, hooked onto the straps, and carefully pulled it up the ramp, which was 20 feet away. Since I was pulling with my boom, I could adjust at what height I was pulling the item from, thus reducing the risk of it falling over. A friend was helping me since I could not see it through the yard bushes. Once we got it up onto a flat surface, we griddle-hooked it and put a chain under it. Based on the way my truck picked it up, I would say it weighed 1,400 pounds. I was able to set it on my truck, strap it down, and haul it to a man who was collecting old safes.

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