Boulders in Lawn Made Easy

Do you want boulders up on your lawn? The man customer went with me and picked out the 3 boulders he wanted. Once we arrived back at the site, I had to back up over the sidewalk and onto his lawn.

What is the Typical Method of Putting Boulders in Your Lawn?

The normal method used by others is to have the boulders delivered by a dump truck, with excess waste rock included, or have their trailer with the boulders in it. With the dump truck, you risk a chance of denting the asphalt/concrete and if they back up onto the lawn then they risk cracking the sidewalk/curb. Then they used a rubber track excavator or skid steer to place the boulders, however, their rubber tracks tear up your lawn.

Three boulders arranged in a lawn

My Truck Can Do The Job Without The Property Damage!

We were able to do this job without causing damage to his property. Using my truck reduces the chance of bodily injury and damage to property – let’s get in touch to discuss your project and how my truck and I can be of service!

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