Residential or Commercial: My Truck Is Ready for Any Hauling Challenge

Ready for Any Job

When it comes to residential and commercial hauling needs, my powerful truck is up for any challenge. Whether you need to clear away debris, remove a hot tub, or move heavy materials like boulders or large scrap metal, my truck’s versatile capabilities make removal, hauling, and delivery convenient and cost-effective.

My Hauler with Claw

What We Can Do

We offer a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial customers:

  • General Construction & Repairs: From small repairs to large construction projects, we’re here to help.
  • Hauling and Disposal: Whether you have construction debris, old furniture, or other waste, we handle hauling and disposal efficiently.
  • Stump & Fallen Tree Removal: We’ll safely remove tree stumps and fallen trees from your property.
  • Boulder & Earth Moving: We handle heavy-duty tasks like boulder moving and earth moving with ease.
  • Hot Tub & Junk Removal: Say goodbye to that old hot tub or accumulated junk—we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Brush & Debris Removal: We’ll clear away brush and debris to keep your property looking its best.
  • Dirt Work & Gravel Installation: We can handle dirt work and install gravel for driveways, pathways, or other projects.
  • Business Clean-Up: Keep your business premises clean and safe with our professional clean-up services.
  • Small Shed & Old Boat/Trailer Removal: From old sheds to boats and trailers, we remove these items quickly and safely.
  • Farm Implements & Big Tire Disposal: We can move and dispose of farm implements and big tires for you.
  • Removal of Fire Fuels: We’ll clear away fire fuels around buildings to keep your property safe.
  • Moving Yard Artworks: We handle moving large yard art with ease and a delicate touch.

The Power and Versatility of My Truck

My Hauler with Claw is built for big and heavy problems! My 2011 Ford 450 7.3 turbo diesel hauler is equipped with an 8′ wide and 10′ long truck bed, which can handle up to 8,000 pounds of payload. It’s features make it the right truck for the job,including:

  • Grapple: My truck’s grapple can pick up anything under 2,000 pounds quickly, safely, and affordably. It also hydraulically rotates 360 degrees and has hydraulic stabilizers on the truck.
  • Knuckle Boom: The Palfinger PK4400 knuckle boom provides a 16′ extension boom from the mast with a 1,200-pound capacity, and an 11′ retracted boom from the mast with a 2,000-pound capacity.
  • Versatile Design: With removable log bunks and an 8,000-pound payload capacity, we can handle a wide variety of hauling tasks.

Let’s Talk About Your Project!

No matter your residential or commercial hauling needs, me and my Hauler with Claw are ready to take on any challenge. Let us make your hauling and removal tasks simple, efficient, and cost-effective. Get in touch now to talk about your project and discuss how I can help out!

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