January 2023 Garden Clippings

President’s Message Adele O’Neal

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday with family and friends!

Our December luncheon was fun! Lots of conversation and camaraderie. The table decorations were festive and beautiful and thank you to everyone who brought a raffle item – we really made Lisa work hard to get everything raffled off!

We have an active club with lots of active members. I want to thank the members again for their participation as a committee chair or serving on a committee – there are always opportunities to jump in and try something different and the benefits are many… To the club – we have projects and accomplish what we set out to do To the community – we serve our community with beautification projects, events and scholarships To the member – we feel good about our service, AND have fun doing it!

I’m looking forward to the next few months of club activities, meetings and speakers. As the weather gets better and we begin working in our own yards, we will also be cleaning up on Third Street, the West End, the Post Office and the Serenity Garden. And we get to do it together!

January Speaker, Charlene Doland

A native of Oregon, Charlene has spent most of her life living outside of Oregon, cultivating her desire to be a citizen of the world. She has been a gardener since childhood and as a teenager, was sometimes tasked with riding her bike a dozen miles (each way) to tend her family’s 2 vegetable garden in Juneau, Alaska. When not digging in the dirt, Charlene enjoys hiking, reading, paper crafting, cooking, practicing theatrical improv, and nurturing youth into becoming responsible, confident, thinking adults. Charlene returned to Oregon in 2020 and is thoroughly enjoying discovering and experimenting with all the plants, both edible and not, that flourish in the Willamette Valley. She is currently the President of Edible Landscapes of Yamhill County, a non-profit devoted to promoting, educating and encouraging personal and community organic edible gardens in Yamhill County.

Why Edible Gardens, and Why Now?

In this “history lesson,” we will explore the evolution of both home gardens and commercial agriculture in the United States, from the colonial times to today. We will discuss the social, environmental and technological reasons for the trajectory we have been on and will identify both the positive and negative outcomes. We will finish our conversation with a look at the future of sustainable agriculture, and with specific (often small!) actions each of us can take to help restore our earth to good health.

Good Eats by Betty B.

One Pan Gnocchi Skillet Dinner Serves 4 – vegetarian
This is a recipe I make often. A quick tummy warming dish and a comfort food. The ingredients are easy to stock and any greens and cheese on hand works well.

1 package shelf stable gnocchi
2 T olive oil
1 can drained white beans (any type)
1 can undrained diced tomatoes
½ bag baby spinach
1 C shredded cheese (I like mozzarella)
Heat oil in a large skillet. Add gnocchi and brown. Add beans and tomatoes and heat through. Top with fresh spinach, (pan will be full but cover and the greens will wilt). Last, add the cheese of your choice and cover pan again until it melts.

New PBS Show Patty Sorensen

I heard about a new show on PBS that seems like a great one to watch. It is called Gardenfit. A well-known gardener and a fitness expert visit 13 different gardens throughout the US. Together they tour the gardens, visit with the creators and suggest exercises suggest exercises
that they can try to alleviate some of their physical issues. I loved the one on wrists…. Bad NEWS is I can’t find it on TV but it is available on Internet via computer or your phone. In the SEARCH bar, simply put PBS Gardenfit….(one word). That should take you to the 13 different episodes that aired starting last Spring. If anyone locates it on TV, please let Adele know how we can all enjoy it there!

Membership Opportunities Janis Stoven

A year ago, McMinnville Garden Club became a non-profit member of the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce. Since joining, our visibility has increased significantly within the business and non-profit community. As a member of the Garden Club, you may attend the Friday Chamber Greeters events and other opportunities


What is Greeters?
The Greeters meet every Friday (except during holidays) from 8 am – 9 am at various businesses throughout the community. All attendees are friendly, welcoming, will offer assistance (where treats and beverages are located) and the group’s enthusiasm is fun. It is an energizing way to begin your day!


What happens at Greeters?
A typical hour includes rapid fire introductions, an overview of the host business or non-profit by the owner or manger, announcements of events and happenings, introduction of new members, “shout outs” and various door prizes. (A contribution of $1 required to be eligible for door prizes.)


What does the Garden Club gain from Greeters?
Exposure of our club to the community, promotion of the tour and faire, possible new members, community support (i.e. post our flyer in their business) and visibility to others that we are a vital organization within McMinnville. (Note: a business owner, met through Greeters,
recently added boulders to the Serenity Garden.)


How do I become involved in Greeters?
Club member, Cheri LaRue, is our communication person for Greeters. She will forward to you Chamber of Commerce announcements and the locations of the Friday Greeters. Cheri is dedicated to this task and will add your email to her master list. Contact Cheri LaRue: cherisails@aol.com
Not sure about Greeters? Give it a try in 2023! (You are welcome to call Janis Stoven if you have additional questions.)

Member Goals in 2023:

Accept the challenge! Invite at least one friend, neighbor or relative to a garden club monthly meeting this year. New members add vitality; enthusiasm, skills, talents and new friendships often form. Our membership continues to grow because members ARE inviting others. Started in 1926, the garden club has reached almost 100 years of being a strong organization. A membership application form and new member’s packet are available at each meeting. Thank you.


Friday, January 6: 8-9 AM, Serendipity Ice Cream, 502 NE 3rd Street

Friday, January 13: 8-9 AM, Thrive Integrative Psychiatry, 117 NW 8th Street

Congratulations to former club member, Marian Blank, for her 100th birthday!

Image from Facebook Newberg Senior Center

Image from Facebook Newberg Senior Center

Arts and Crafts THANK YOU

A Big Thank You to Colleen M. and Kirsten B. for the fun-filled wreath making workshop. Over a dozen members created beautiful wreaths adorned with an incredible amount of natural materials. It was so interesting to see how many different ways various folks used the same
materials in very artistic ways. (I deleted the photos I had so I’ll have to include them in the February newsletter. Something to look forward to!

Serenity Garden Update

In December more additions were made to the Serenity Garden. There are three additional trees (Red Fox Katsura), fresh bark dust throughout the site and BOULDERS! A hug to Sandy P. for discussing the project with Mark Pauletto, owner of My Hauler with Claw. Mark donated 7seven large boulders to be placed at the garden. His father had cancer so he experienced the whole process for treatments with him. It was incredible watching Mark get the boulders off his truck with The Claw and placing them in exactly the spots picked out. One of the boulders is flat to allow visitors to sit down until we are able to add benches throughout the area.
Another Thank You to the News Register for covering the activity!

Websites to Explore Patty Sorensen

National Garden Club
Pacific Region National Garden Club
Pioneer District Website
Oregon State Garden Club’s Website
Yamhill County Master Gardeners
McMinnville Garden Club
Serenity Garden

Winter Don’t Do’s

What to Plant in Winter

Winter Care Tips

*Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with a dream.”
-Josephine Nuese